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London's Eye: A fictional take on the real-life stories of Londoners

“Here’s to the lives we lead, 

the lives we share, 

and the lives that pass us by.” 

- For Paddy


London's Eye was a seven-week long collaborative project between MA Design Management and Cultures and MA Publishing students at the London College of Communication. The project was inspired by 'Humans of New York'. We met 40 strangers around London and asked them to share a story of their most memorable place in London. You will find some of those handwritten gems in the book. We then combined all these real life stories and narrated it through the eyes of Paddy - our fictitious author. 

Team: Anjana Singhwi, Daria Schonenberg, Sebastian Castro, Michelle Winkelsdorf, Patrick Hetherington, Susanna Wiesenegger

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