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INKLING: Visual Thinking Made Easy

Studies have shown that 65% of people are visual learners, yet a majority are not visual note-takers. Visual learners best process and interpret information when exposed to images, illustrations, and visuals; but people are afraid of drawing or doodling while logging ideas, yet both are great techniques in memorising and learning information in comparison to traditional note-taking.

The web application INKLING was designed to help people with digital skills to organise and visualise their thoughts and ideas while integrating common visual learning tools such as mind maps, timelines, etc. This smart contextual search engine contains visual representations (illustrations) of words, synonyms, and metaphors in various subject matters which typically lack visuals. The web-application will help individuals organise and visualise their thoughts and ideas digitally and efficiently.

Team: Anjana Singhwi, Nareh Ghookassian, Michelle Winkelsdorf and Susanna Wiesenegger.

The project was submitted to the RSA Student Design Awards. 


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